My name is Michelle.

Born and raised in Canada (far out in the country), I was lucky to be surrounded by a lot of nature and beauty growing up. My mother was an artist; she was always doing crafts and painting with my sister and me since we were old enough to hold a paintbrush. To this day, we often do arts and crafts together.

I studied art throughout school, and it stayed a strong presence in my life as a way of expression, meditation, creativity. I love to see creation and passion, whatever your form of creation is. I started experimenting with digital art and found out how much I love it! I couldn’t stop creating artworks, and the unlimited possibilities inspired me.

I loved the idea of a collection based on the feminine essence, strength, and beauty; I believe that appreciating one another and lifting each other is key to happiness and healthy relationships.

I felt the strong urge to incorporate nature as I am deeply connected to it; I feel that nature keeps us grounded and adds beauty to our surroundings, inner self, and often brings us the opportunity to feel peace and reset our souls. Women have come a long way in history, and I am excited to celebrate with this collection!

$NET is a new token that the MLN project has just issued. The primary purpose of the $NET token is to serve as the default currency during pre-sale and airdrop events for every first batch of NFT Collections launched on the MLN platform.

In other words, during the preliminary stages of every new NFT collection, MLN will airdrop some NFTs through the $NET token and place $NET orders depending on the price of the first batch of the NFT collection.